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A Comprehensive Guide to Management Styles – What Style Are You?

Management plays an integral role in strengthening the bonds between employees and making them work together as a cohort. This places huge responsibility on management’s shoulders to ensure each and every employee is content with their responsibilities and endeavours to make their team deliver the best level of work possible, day in and day out.Whether […]

96 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Going

Ask yourself – what inspires you? There are many things, thoughts and people that can provide us with inspiration such as seeing idols accomplish something great, hearing an inspirational speech or even the sheer thought of success can remind us that our personal goals are achievable. At Armstrong not only do we believe in placing candidates […]

How To Survive As The New Manager (And Be A Good One)

Before we get stuck in – Congratulations; you got the job! But wait – have you actually managed a team before? If your skills in the managing department are lacking, you might feel intimidated and apprehensive starting a new managerial role renowned for its heavy duties.  It’s a question of knowing how to behave, what […]

Top Tips to Staying Stress Free in the Workplace

Although this might not be a thought that pops into your head when you’re swamped with work – humans are happiest when they’re kept busy. ​ However today’s average workplace has never been more stressful. We naturally like a challenge to experience purpose and fulfillment, however it’s not so easy on those days with looming deadlines or […]

Desk-Hacking: 30 Tools That Will Give Your Career the Edge

Perseverance, hard work, and patience: three things that are the pillars of a successful career. But that hard work and perseverance doesn’t always payoff. It might be that the career you’re in is super competitive. Or maybe your boss just isn’t very forthcoming with promotions.Either way, you need a competitive edge. To help, here at […]

The Ultimate Team Building Idea List

Perhaps a team in your department are slacking. Maybe there are tensions between several colleagues. You may have just realised that the whole workforce are cliquey and only socialise with people within their group/department.Whatever the issue facing your team, we guarantee that there’s a team building exercise to counter it. In fact, there are probably […]

Workplace Bullying: Shocking Stats

For many of us the work can place is a stressful environment. We’re constantly juggling with pressures of tight deadlines, complaining customers, and tricky workplace relationships. To deal with this, employers should look to make the working environment a happy place to be. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Workplace bullying is a serious problem around […]

Making it in your new job: A guide

You have spent weeks, if not months hunting for your new job and after hard work, perseverance, and lots of interviews, you’ve got there. The job you’ve been aiming for. First of all, congratulations! Job hunting can be stressful, especially when you are going for a job you have always dreamt of. The hunt is worthy […]