A Comprehensive Guide to Management Styles – What Style Are You?

Management plays an integral role in strengthening the bonds between employees and making them work together as a cohort. This places huge responsibility on management’s shoulders to ensure each and every employee is content with their responsibilities and endeavours to make their team deliver the best level of work possible, day in and day out.

Whether you’re leading a new team, planning, organising or directing a project – how you exude your management style can determine how and what management style works best with different types of team members. No matter what your current style is – flexibility is a key characteristic for all management styles and will guarantee you the likability of your employees if you’re able to adapt to different types of management.

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Knowing what management style you are can really help bring out the best in your team, and yourself. It allows you to fully understand where your strengths lie and how your management style is interpreted by your team. It can even help you adapt to a different style of management that could help your team increase their productivity, morale and loyalty.

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