Top Human Resource Candidates

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Head of Employee Relations and HR – AA – JHB

Our Top Candidate is a Director and Head of Employee Relations and HR with a Postgraduate Certificate in Labour Dispute Resolution, Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Law, B- Tech in Labour Relations and Management, and a National Diploma in Labour Relations. He has 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector with extensive knowledge of South African labour legislation and CCMA processes. His skills include drafting, development and reviews of IR strategies, operational plans, training, employee wellness programs, employment contracts and disciplinary codes. Facilitation of wage negotiations, collective bargaining negotiations and collective agreement resolutions. His reference commented that his “Personality and communication skills are brilliant; he is very knowledgeable of the law regarding to labour relations and has excellent research ability and problem solving skills.”Salary expectation: R1.2 Million – Candidate Reference TB10