Making it in your new job: A guide

You have spent weeks, if not months hunting for your new job and after hard work, perseverance, and lots of interviews, you’ve got there. The job you’ve been aiming for.

First of all, congratulations! Job hunting can be stressful, especially when you are going for a job you have always dreamt of. The hunt is worthy of a congratulatory tap on the back. But now you have got the job we don’t doubt that you’re suffering from some new job jitters. To help, we’ve put together a guide on not just getting comfortable in your new job, but becoming successful within the new role and the new company, too.

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What to take

Making friends

Settling in

Getting social

Out of work




If you want to get off on the right foot in your new job then prepare for it. ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’, after all. But what do we mean by ‘prepare’?

Well there are huge number of things you can do to get ready, like research the type of work you’ll be getting involved in within the role. Look into the company. Add some people who worked there on LinkedIn. Or simply eat well, exercise plenty, and get an early night!

Below are a few of our favourite articles on what you can do to prepare.

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Preparing to Start a New Job

What you need to take

Its 6am – the light’s skimming through the gap between the walls and your window. It’s early and you haven’t slept well. You spent the night tossing and turning, both anxious and excited for your new job. You climb out of bed, hope into a nice warm shower, and get ready. Drying off you start to consider everything you need to do before leaving the house. Iron your shirt, make breakfast – prepare dinner or buy it? But wait... you haven’t asked anyone what you need to take on your first day! What if you turn up without the right equipment or documents?

Relax, below you can check out a few guides on what you need to take with you on your first day at work below.

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Making friends

The biggest worry for most when starting out at a new company is whether they’ll get on with their new colleagues. Making friends within a job is just as important as being successful at it, and most of the time, the two go together. The happier you are socially at work, the happier you’ll be with the job itself.

But walking into an office populated by people who have already cemented their relationships over months, if not years, is tough. To help you find your next work wife or dinner buddy, we have listed some of our favourite guides to making pals at work.

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Settling in

While making friends at work is important and really helps with settling into the new role, there are a number of other things you can do to make your new work culture more comfortable. Below you can check some of the best guides we’ve found on the web to help you settle in.

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Getting social

It’s your second week into the new job. You’ve made plenty of friends, you’re feeling comfortable with the work, and you love the working environment. What can you do now to start getting yourself noticed by your bosses this early on?

Be social.

Bosses love employees who throw themselves into the role and the office culture. And by organising some social events for yourself and your new team and friends, you’re giving a great impression. Here are a few guides to help you come up with some ideas for team building exercises you can organise.

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Outside of work

Knuckling down in work obviously shows commitment and a great work ethic. But if you really want to make the best impression possible and get the most out of your new job, there are things you can do outside of work, too. Everything from taking relevant exams to your role and studying, to applying some creative hobbies to your day to day life. Check out a few articles on things to do outside of work that can make you better at your job.

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Rising through the ranks

Now you’re settled in, your making the most of your time outside of work, everything’s going smooth socially, you may be looking at ways to rise through the ranks of the company you’re happy working for. And while hard work and the right attitude can take you a long way, there are few other things you can do to help you climb the ladder.

You can find some of our favourite guides to getting yourself promoted below.

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Below we have compiled a few extra guides that we though worth including on the list. Hopefully, you won’t need to look at the first two, that pertain to bad bosses and difficult colleagues, but they’re there for you should you require them. And we’ve also included a great guide on how you can stay healthy in a 9-5 office job.

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