Top FMCG Candidates

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Sales and Marketing Manager – Johannesburg

Highly organised professional with 24 years working experience within FMCG and Retail environments, who can establish long term positive relationships with corporate clients, co-workers and outsides resources.  Holds MBA and B-Tech Marketing Degrees to name a few as well as various awards throughout the years.  This highly qualified candidate has extensive operations, marketing, sales and regional management experience and is open to relocation.  Availability 1 month negotiable.  Salary expectation R1.4 million per annum.  Candidate Reference KH3

AA Operations Manager – JHB

A seasoned professional Logistics Operations Manager with over 12 years’ experience in both the FMCG (beverages) and Chemical Engineering environment, of which that being; 7 solid years of experience in a senior management role in Logistics and 6 years as Production Engineer. In his current and previous roles, he has been a strategic influence on the business strategy and been involved in wholistic structural changes within the Logistics space. He holds a BTech in Chemical Engineering and currently busy with his Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practices which serves as his competence levels in the FMGC industry. He has excellent communication skills and is able to provide, one on one coaching and support to his team. He believes people are the most important element to a winning business. He strives to create an environment and culture where everyone needs to show leadership, drive and innovation. Currently based in JHB, open to relocation and/or travel and is available immediately. Salary expectations R950K to R1.1mil neg – Candidate Reference NT2

Big Data Analyst  (FMCG) – Durban (Open to relocate)

BCom Accounting, Current studies: Management stage of CIMA, Notice period: One calendar month. Our candidate has more than 6 years of experience in FMCG consumer data analysis. Starting in a grad program she was quickly identified as an achiever and moved into an MIS Analyst role. From here she wanted to expand her knowledge and experienced and moved into a more technical role as a BI Application Developer specialize understanding the business needs and translating that into technical requirements. After gaining the experience in building dashboards and data visualization applications she was approached by a global FMCG corporate to join their team as a Big Data Analyst focusing on consumer data and combining her technical and business skills. Salary expectation: R46K – R48K ctc – Candidate Reference BB16

EE Regional Sales Manager – Durban 

Vastly accomplished Sales Manager with over 23 years’ sales experience within the retail industry. Her qualifications include a Masters’ of Commerce (Management) and BCom Honours (Management) – majoring in Strategic Management & Advanced Marketing. She is a highly qualified candidate with extensive operations, sales, marketing, and regional management experience. Her ambition and tenacity to achieve the impossible, have been the driving force throughout her career. She is a passionate leader with a solid work ethic. Currently based in Durban, open to travel and available on 1-month notice – Candidate Reference NT3 Salary expectations R 1.080mil to R1.2mil neg.

AA– R&D Manager/Senior Food Technologist – Durban (Open to relocate)

Post Grad Diploma in Food Security + Project Management NQF6 + BTech Food Technology. Available: One Calendar Month. Our candidate has over 20 years of experience in Food Products Development of which 10 years has been in management. Her experience has been gained with some of South Africa’s largest food producers including chicken production, fast food and quick service restaurants, catering and hospitality and more recently international flavours and ingredients. Her professional skills lie across a vast area ranging from new product development, ISO & HACCP implementation, brand insight and maintenance, account management, quality management and very strong project management. She is looking for career development on the “client” side where her skills can add value to the end consumer. Salary expectation: R800K (local) or R880K (relocation) Candidate Reference – BB19