Top FMCG Candidates

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EE – Assistant Brand Manager – FMCG – Gauteng

Our candidate has a qualification in Food and Nutrition and has recently completed her IMM in Marketing. She has a strong food background and a passion for marketing. She is a team player and easily adapts to a new or challenging environments. Her experience ranges across various FMCG companies but mostly she has specialised in the foods industry. She started her career as an Intern and has worked her way through the ranks managing projects of well-known household brands. Her experience is not limited to only branding but also insight and new product launches. Her reference describes her as very thorough and as a person that can manage a large workload. She is engaging and has excellent communication skills. Salary expectation: R450 000p.a  – Candidate Reference (BB1)

EE Key Account Manager / Sales – FMCG – Durban

Our candidate has an Honours Degree in Marketing with a passion for sales and client development. She has developed her career in sales and has adapted to vastly different environments over the past 13 years. She has successfully developed and specialises in managing top key account clients for the companies that she has worked for by focusing on building professional and long term relationships and partnerships. In her previous position she gained valuable experience in managing large FMCG clients ranging from Cosmetics, Beverages, Pharmaceutical,  Toiletries,  Personal care products  and Food industries. Her skills lie in B2B sales but with her confidence and adaptability she will make a success in any FMCG sales environment. Salary – R500 000p.a – Candidate Reference (BB3)

AA Female – Research Specialist – FMCG – Johannesburg

With a BA Degree in Marketing, our candidate has been involved in research and insight for 4 years. She is currently working on the client side but would love the opportunity to spread her wings to other FMCG brands as well as agency.  She has worked her way through the ranks starting off as an intern moving to Junior Research Specialist and currently she is in the role of Research Specialist with this global company. She is a driven and ambitious individual with strong qualitative research experience. Her references describe her as eager to learn and a person that always is prepared to put her hand up for further exposure. Availability: Two Months. Salary expectation: R28 000 + company benefits – Candidate Reference (BB4)

EE Female – FMCG / Retail, Research and Channel Specialist – Durban

Our candidate is highly qualified with a Master’s Degree, passed Cum Laude, and presently completing her research for her PhD. She has been awarded the Top Achiever for her Master’s Degree in 11 countries and her dissertation was published in multiple academic journals. Her career started off in retail where she developed the first category system for one of SA’s best known retail chains. From there her experience moved over to one of the larger multinational FMCG corporates where she held the position of Category Manager and later National Customer Manager. She was then approached by another global FMCG concern as National Trade Category Manager. During her career she has won numerous awards and accolades for outstanding performance and for the fundamental impact that she has made on the business. She has acquired knowledge through her work experiences, both in SA and abroad. Her strength lies in key accounts, category management, research, analysis data and the interpretation into business objectives and problem solving. She is known within the industry with strong ties in both the FMCG as well as retail world. Availability: Immediately. Salary expectation: R660 000+ CTC – Candidate Reference (BB5)

EE Branding and Marketing Female – Johannesburg

After completing a Business Science Honours Degree at UCT, this candidate gained valuable experience at a top global FMCG concern. She gained expertise in holistic brand management – from re-stages and launches, consumer insight, budget management, strategy, P&L, category management, and pricing strategy. She also has vast Sub-Saharan Africa experience, having managed 12 countries in East, West and Southern Africa. After a few years and internal growth she decided to start her own consulting firm which she has been managing for two years. Recently she decided that she wants to return to the corporate environment. Availability: Immediately. Salary expectation: R700 000p.a – Candidate Reference – (BB6)

Client Service Consultant – Johannesburg

This candidate graduated from Unisa with a BCom Marketing Management Degree. She did this whiles studying part time for four years and working full time. She feels that this has taught her self-control, discipline and well as time management. She started her career at the bottom as a Receptionist and gradually worked her way through the ranks where she is now a Client Service Consultant with a media company. Her referees describe her as a “go-to-person” that voluntarily will put the extra hours in to make sure that the company’s and her own high standards of quality are met. Salary expectation: R320 000p.a – Candidate Reference (BB9)

AA Category Analyst – Johannesburg

Our candidate has a BCom in Computer and Management Information Systems and a MBA with a dissertation in Price Strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Her career is grounded with 9 years of experience in the retail and FMCG industries. She gained experience as a Buyer, Planner, Pricing and Sales Analyst and more recently as a Category Analyst with an international global FMCG concern. She further has exposure in a niche department, namely Category and Trade marketing, where she has been exposed to software’s such as Aztec and Nielsen. She is well spoken, enthusiastic and committed to her duty and eager to learn and develop herself through growing her career to unlimited heights. Salary expectation: R450 000p.a – Candidate Reference (BB10)