Top Financial Candidates

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Financial Manager / Finance Business Partner – AA – JHB

Our awarding winning Top Candidate is a qualified CA (SA) with a Bachelor of Business Science in Finance, a completed CTA and member of the Golden Key Society. Having completed her articles at one of the big 4 firms, she went on to join one of the largest corporate and investment banks. Responsibilities include the full finance function of the business, annual revenue targets, cost budgeting processes, implementing compliance and risk functions, stakeholder management and executive reporting. Highly recommended, her reference communicated “I honestly rate her very highly, shortly after joining the team she progressed quickly. She is very hardworking and produced top notch quality of work. She has an excellent understanding of business and reporting the numbers. She is able to provide outstanding input to the business.” Salary expectation: R1.4 Million – Candidate Reference TB2                                                                                   

Financial Manager – AA – JHB

Our Top Candidate has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting, Postgraduate CTA level one and two, and is a qualified CA (SA).  She has strong demonstrated experience of reporting standards (IFRS) and applicable laws and regulations, the Companies Act, as well as GRAP, PFMA and MFMA reporting.  She comes highly recommended and one of her referees commented on her “sound financial technical ability, and ability to apply her knowledge.” “She is a natural born leader with excellent staff management abilities.” Salary Expectation: Open to offers from R 850 000.00 Candidate Reference TB3

Audit Manager – AA – KZN

Our Top Candidate is a qualified CA (SA) with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences (CTA). She has excellent technical knowledge of the standards of GRAP, MCS, IFRS/GAAP and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), the PFMA and MFMA and various other government related legislations. She is a skilled auditor and accountant with experience spanning 8 years in the audit environment and proficient in Audit Project Management, Asset Management, External Audit/Assurance Services, Financial Accounting Services, Audit Project Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Management Accounting and Finance Services and Audit Committee Reporting. Her reference communicated that she is recommended “without hesitation” and that “She is able to effectively communicate with the team and the client at all levels. She is able to convince the client to agree on issues and negotiate possible solutions when there are disagreements/conflicts.” Salary expectation: R1 Million – Candidate Reference TB4

Internal Audit / Financial Manager – AA – JHB

Our Top Candidate is CA (SA) with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Accounting (CTA) and an Master of Business Administration (MBA). Having worked within the finance and regulatory sector for 11 years, she has demonstrated sound ability to operate at a strategic level. She has extensive experience & business knowledge within both the private & public sector; as well as experience within a regulatory environment. Highly recommended in her industry, her reference communicated that “She was always able to put procedures in place and structures if there was a need to streamline processes. There was a lot of demand in the position due to legislative pressure, and she was always able to remain calm, cool and deliver on time.” Salary Expectation: R1.25 Million – Candidate Reference TB5

Audit Manager – AA – CPT

Our Top Candidate is qualified CA (SA) with a Bachelor of Commerce in General Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Financial Accounting, PGD in Accounting Sciences and PGD in Applied Accounting (CTA Level 2). Her career includes tenures at local and international global Big 4 Firms. Responsible for managing and leading assurance engagements in compliance with auditing standards and IFRS, budget management, WIP management and cash collection. Responsible managing statutory audits for leading South African and Rest of Africa companies and their subsidiaries. Highly recommended, her reference communicated that “Her financial management knowledge is top notch, she has excellent financial management experience, and produced a consistently high quality of work. Her leadership skills in essence globally are exceptionally good.”Salary expectation: R900,000.00 – Candidate Reference TB8