Top Engineering Candidates

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Aeronautical / Mechanical Systems Engineer – Pretoria

A professionally registered Aeronautical / Mechanical Systems Engineer with B.Eng. Mech. Degree as well as B.Eng. Mech. (Honours) and 33 years in Industry, including chemical processes, uranium and coal, plus specialist thermo-mechanical engineering, power generation systems. Vast experience working on Aircraft propulsion and equipment, gas turbines for helicopters, jet aircraft, land and marine applications, repair and rejuvenation of gas turbines, engine parts manufacture, maintenance, testing of aircraft and helicopter engines and components. Commercial aircraft certification plus providing expertise on development of Infantry weapon system vehicles / anti-tank missile variant. Nuclear power engineering, test, qualification and commissioning of high temperature gas reactor systems plus much more. Other experience include project / programmes management, flight test and certification, quality assurance and industrial compliance systems. This candidate has a wealth of experience across the Mining sector as well and he is in the market for challenging opportunities in either field. Salary Expectation: R1.4 Million – R1.8 Million p.a. – Candidate Reference (CH1)