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Top 10 Creative Resumes



Want to land the job of your dreams? A creative CV is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.


Finding a job in the design industry is an extremely competitive and with so many talented people

around, even getting noticed is a job in itself.


If you dare to be bold, it can really pay off. Unusual creative strategies are what will get you noticed

in that stack of resumes coming through. Below are some of the best creative CV\’s around and If

you\’re in need of inspiration for your own CV, you\’ll definitely find it here.



1. Margherita Terraneo




Margherita Terraneo creativity definitely shows with this beautifully made deck of cards CV.


Margherita is a 21-year old Art Director and we are not surprised at all. Perfectly chosen colours along with personalised icons and 16 snippet cards into her skills and interests. A fitting theme of almost top trump style scoring for her abilities is a great way to display this kind of information.


Let’s not miss out that well-contrasting card box too!

2. Andy Morris




“Good things come in small packages” and this proves it. Andy Morris is an Art director, artist and designer. It’s no wonder he caught the design industry\’s attention.


Completely moving away from anything paper, Morris commissioned a LEGO Minifigure to represent him. Complete with a tiny laptop in one hand and a mini-CV in the other, it’s fantastic.


All of his skills and contact information are available to view on the back. It would be hard to throw this figure away, in fact, maybe everyone in the business should get their very own LEDO Minifigure.

3. Pierre-Marie Postel





Pierre- Marie is a designer and illustrator and we can clearly see where his strengths are in illustration. This impressive Japanese print advert illustration style is really impressive.


Some might say this is a more risky style but if you follow the design it does displays all key information.


What’s important about this one is the confidence to show off their design skills and personality in a style they want to, after all this is about you.


The monochrome colour palette ensures it doesn\’t become overwhelming and that you can also see

4. Brennan Gleason



Brennan Gleason decided to combine his passion for beer and design. The interaction designer was nearing the end of university and needed to get his name out there and this certainly did that.


He even brewed up his very own batch of blonde ale to do it. His CV sat on the back so it meant that the employers could enjoy a beer while looking through his resume.

5. Vincenzo Castro





Vinchenzo wasn\’t afraid to show his dark side with his cv.


He’s a Graphic Designer in Milan with a Degree in Communication Design. With a background in user interface design, we can understand his skills for simple but effective design. An illustration based design makes his head shot stand out and his head shot protruding outside of the box is a nice touch.


You can’t go wrong with black and yellow but it takes a certain type of person so go for a dark design.

6. Robynne Redgrave



This would definitely catch your attention if this was to turn up for a role you were advertising.


It has an OFF-WHITE kind of branding feel to it which is an extremely successful design.

Robynne Redgrave is a Canadian graphic designer based in Helsinki, and you can tell this is a well-articulated design.


Much more than just good design, her pack also contains her CV as well as a hand-bound portfolio, letter of intent, application form and appropriate certificates.

7. Awanda Rahman





Awanda is studying interior design and their CV shows off some serious illustration design skills. It’s simplistic but the colour schemes and different shapes make this so eye-catching.


The typography is modern and the contrast of typography works so well. There is a personal feel to the CV and Awanda’s personality shines through.

8. Solene Reveney





Solene is a Graphic Designer in Paris and this creative CV caught our attention. It’s almost ‘a receipt of what I can do’. It’s concise, to the point and covers everything you’d need from a CV.


The textured look of it being crumpled and the ripped edges make it look imperfect which is a nice change. Most CV’s are about making everything look perfect but this goes against that in an aesthetic way.

9. Iris H. Duded





Iris applied to the candy business ‘Candy Kittens’ and did this by using the design of the Candy Kitten packaging.


Iris used wit and humor in places such as 100% mostly positive, but, there is also key information that is needed on their too. If there’s a way to get noticed by a business that has a strong product branding, it’s to do this.

10. Ed Hamilton




Ed Hamilton\’s Google Map resumé uses personalised place markers to pinpoint his skills.


Ed Hamilton was living in London when he found himself out of work. He used this map as a way to stand out and it’s for sure a different way to really pin down your experience.


The brilliant design includes pins for where Hamilton lives, his interests and his previous employment.