The Best Career Blogs to Read

Whether you’re just starting out in your career of choice, or you’ve been working hard at it for years – the best way to advance is to constantly improve your skills and mentality. To that end, there are tonnes of career related blogs on the web, all promising to help you make the most of productivity, how to tackle common career problems, and lifestyle changes you can make to advance your career.

But picking out the good from the bad - the wheat from the chaff - can take a long time. You just need to know which blogs are worth your time, right?

Armstrong Appointments have you covered.

We have collected and collated the very best career related blogs that you should be checking out in 2017. Dive into each of the below and we promise you’ll find something worth your time. And a few of them might even make it into your bookmark bar, warranting a visit every day.

Let’s jump in.

The Hiring Site is full of actionable advice from career experts looking to help you take the next steps. The blog covers everything from how you can reward employees to building and making the most out of your CV. Spend half an hour on this site and you won’t be dissapointed.

Probably the most well-known career blog to make our list, The Muse has established a reputation as a solid reference point for many graduates and experienced professional alike. Got a career question? Then The Muse have the answer in one of their well-written, genuinley useful articles.

Don’t give this one a miss.

Looking to jet set into a creative a career? Then this is the blog for you. 99U is a wonderfully designed site that helps get your creative juices flowing and offer handy career advice. From creating portfolios to interviews with those who have made it – even if you aren’t looking for a creative career, it’s still worth looking at.

While written from the perspective of, and for recruiters, this blog still provides worthwhile insight into the minds of those who are looking for candidates. A perfect viewpoint for anyone looking to start their career.

Much like Undercover Recruiter, QuickBase looks at helping companies and recruiters streamline their processes. That doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t useful advice for those looking to jump start their career. The blog is full of useful case studies, analysis, and advice, and well worth a visit in our books.

Next Avenue is a site and blog made for the older generation. They have tonnes of useful advice, and a dedicated work & purpose section where they offer advice on finding work and advancing your career in later life.

Work it Daily ‘believe that getting answers and coaching to help solve your career problems – and so they help everyone. They offer coaching and courses to help people make the most of their career, but their blog is a free visit and jam packed with handy advice and tips.

The founder of four different successful start-ups, Penelope knows what it takes to make your career a success. Her blog is full of interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes polarising insights that give the career hungry professional plenty to takeaway.

Written for women, Daily Worth help you, in the main, deal with personal finances. But that isn’t all they help with. Their career section can help you balance work life with home life, negotiate more money, and tonnes more advice to think on.

Not sure how to ask for a raise? Wondering what your manager is thinking? Need some advice from a manager who isn’t your manager? This is the blog for you. Run by Alison Green, a consultant on managing, hiring, firing, and getting the most out of employees, she can help better understand how to approach your boss about everything you’ve always wanted to.

Widely recognised as the leading voice of millennials at work Lindsay Pollark’s blog helps the younger generation stay on top of their career. From life advice, to tips on balancing work and fun, Lindsay ‘gets’ the millennial generation and helps them make the most of their potential.

On the hunt for social impact jobs? Idealist Careers provides actionable advice along with inspirational stories, that are sure to inspire young professionals. Their aim is to support a global community, and you can become part of that community over at their blog.

Proven is an in-depth blog that can help get your career started. It’s another great insight into how recruiters work, giving you helpful hints and tips along the way. It’s well written, concise, and is full of advice you can take away today.

As the name suggests, Life After College helps recent graduates hit the ground running with their career. Their advice spans everything from making the most of your free time, to becoming confident in your own skills.

Another career blog dedicated to women, Ms. Career Girl helps motivate women across the globe. They share valuable information and help empower women to take the next step (or their first!) in the career of their choice. If you want motivation to get your career going, this is the place you’ll find it.

The Jibber Jobber blog calls on real-life experiences to offer up actionable advice to those looking to take their career to the next level. The blog goes way back too, so it’s worth spending some time digging through their archives if you’re after something specific.

The Absolutely Abby site provides monthly ‘Career Wake up Calls’ inspiring job seekers to stay motivated and on top of their search. Match this with the actionable advice packed into her articles, and you have a winning formula for any career blog lover.

Keppie Careers has been created by Miriam Salpeter to help you find out ‘what you need to know to succeed in today’s business climate’ – and that’s exactly what she provides. Her blog is full to the brim of useful information that you can take away and put into action.

This blog has everyone and everything covered. Whether you hate your job and don’t know where to turn; want to breakout into a freelance career; or love your work, but want to plan for the future; Career Contessa has you covered.

If you have found yourself walking down a career path that isn’t right for you, it can be difficult to take the leap and make a shift. Career Shifters can help give you the confidence and knowledge to find more fulfilling work. And that’s their aim. To make sure that you’re happy with the job you have.

Skip Prichard regularly writes about personal development, and provides thoughtful insights into leadership roles to help career hunters like yourself get a better perspective. Well written, often funny, Skip’s blog is well worth reading.

Career Pivot is run and organised by Marc Miller, an experience counsel and coach who helps others, especially baby boomers, forge a long lasting career that will make them happy. His site is packed with useful information and resources, including a podcast to listen to on your commute to work.

Work Coach Cafe are, in their own words, dedicated to the world of work. That includes helping you make a better working life for yourself. Much of the advice provided is from first hand experiences, making Work Coach Cafe a place full of real anecdotes with actionable advice.

The Career Geek site has advice and tips on pretty much every topic related to careers you can think of. And what makes it even better, is that all of the advice provided is useful. From infographics, start-up tips, to resume help – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it on career geeks.

Career Igniter

The Career Igniter blog helps you do exactly as the name suggests. Ignite your career! The simple site design makes it simple to sift through the tonnes of useful advice on the site, ensuring you can find exactly what you need.

Another career blog dedicated to those looking for inspiration a little later in life, Nancy Collamer is a career consultant who helps people profit from passion during semi-retirement. Nancy regularly posts pieces on how you can turn those passions into jobs.

Job Jenny are ‘hell bent’ on making career management a whole lot easier. And that’s exactly what they do. Their team of expert writers and career pros regularly put together posts that are worth 20 minutes of your time, no matter where you are in your career journey.

Want advice from someone who has “been there, done that”? – Career Woman, Inc is the place for you. Run by certified career coach and Fortune 500 exec, Lisa Quast, the blog offers up a whole lot of advice that you can put into action today.

Resume writing isn’t easy. To try and sum up your skills, personality, and abilities in one sheet of paper takes thought and effort. Freesumes blog not only offers advice for putting together a good resume, but provides plenty of other good career advice too.

Run by Julie Erickson, My Right Fit Job helps people find work that they can fall in love with. The site covers topics including preparing your resume, nailing job interviews, dealing with bad bosses, and so much more.

With a decade experience in coaching, two acclaimed books, and an ever growing reputation in employability consultancy, David Shinder’s blog is a site full of actionable advice. You’ll find case studies, analysis, and tips to help you leap into the career you’ve always wanted.

One of the most stressful and nerve inducing parts of job hunting and building a career for yourself is the interview stage. A Better Interview has a load of advice to help you succeed in job interviews and with your job hunt in general.

If you consider yourself an introvert and struggle with the job hunting process, The Introvert Whisperer can help. She has years’ of experience working in higher level management and provides advice on job searching and career development.

Put together by career strategist and Huffington Post columnist, Sherri Thomas, Career Coaching 360 helps professionals think and act differently about their careers. Her blog includes advice on bouncing back after a lay off, re-branding your career, and so much more!

The advice offered on Career Valet’s blog covers everything from handling office romances to what needs taking out of your resume. Well written, real life advice that can be acted upon is worth everyone’s time, so make you head over to their blog.

Boredom to Boardroom documents the trials and tribulations of Kari’s rise in the corporate world. In the blog you will find the advice you need to fast track your career to success, making a must visit for any career hungry individual.

Full of unique content that analysis and comments on forging your own career path, Career Tips to Go provides exactly as the name suggests. Useful career advice that you can take away and make use of today.

If you want solid, actionable job hunting advice, the Resume to Interviews blog can provide exactly that. They cover a wide range of topics to help those of you looking for work in well written pieces.

If you’re looking for some great free resources, actionable advice, and a fun design – Classy Career Girl is your site. Put together to help women make a success and be fulfilled in their work, the blog is worth a visit for any young professional woman.

Dying to know what your manager or HR department won’t tell you? Struggling to get your career off the ground. HR Nasty is put together by an expert team who have tonnes of advice on how you can take your career to the next level.

Kerry Hannon is a widely recognised expert on career trainsitions and personal finance. HEr two decades in the industry mean she is able to provide useful, actionable advice to her clients, and to you through her blog. It's well worth checking out!

Career Metis aims to act as its readers 'wise counsellor' - providing tips, advice, and comment on how they can grow their careers. The content on the site is great, and ranges from articles to handy infographics!

If you're after a comprehensive list of CV templates and examples then look no further as Hloom has a post to offer for all your CV needs. It goes into great depth on what your CV and cover letter should offer, formats and the various sections you can add depending on your experiences.