Top 10 Creative Resumes

Want to land the job of your dreams? A creative CV is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.   Finding a job in the design industry can be difficult as it’s an extremely competitive sector. There are so many talented people  around, even getting noticed is a job in itself.   If you dare to be bold, […]

game of thrones recruitment

Game of Thrones: Battle of the CVs

  Forget the battle for the Iron Throne, commence the battle of the CVs. Game of Thrones has come to an end, but we’re not ready to leave our favourite characters behind just yet. Which got us thinking, which character would you most like sitting across from you during your 9-5? Click on the image […]

65 Stress Quotes – How to Stress Less

Stress is not completely unavoidable, but, there are many ways to manage stress. Our stress quotes will give you a fresh look on the emotion and a deeper understanding on how to tailor your mental habits. It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it – Hans SelyeA diamond is just a […]

How to Get a Big Pay Rise

As the New Year approaches we often all think about our current position and where we’d like to progress to next year. For many of us, developing in our current role or finding a new one will be on the agenda. We all know that many of us struggle to achieve the resolutions we set. Usually, […]

No Job Offers? Here’s ALL The Reasons Why – Fix It Now

One of the hardest experiences during your job search is not getting the job you want. Typically, the process involves applying for many roles, possibly in the hundreds and never hearing any feedback on your application. If you’re fortunate enough you might get a rejection email, or you attend an interview only to receive a […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Management Styles – What Style Are You?

Management plays an integral role in strengthening the bonds between employees and making them work together as a cohort. This places huge responsibility on management’s shoulders to ensure each and every employee is content with their responsibilities and endeavours to make their team deliver the best level of work possible, day in and day out.Whether […]

96 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Going

Ask yourself – what inspires you? There are many things, thoughts and people that can provide us with inspiration such as seeing idols accomplish something great, hearing an inspirational speech or even the sheer thought of success can remind us that our personal goals are achievable. At Armstrong not only do we believe in placing candidates […]

How To Survive As The New Manager (And Be A Good One)

Before we get stuck in – Congratulations; you got the job! But wait – have you actually managed a team before? If your skills in the managing department are lacking, you might feel intimidated and apprehensive starting a new managerial role renowned for its heavy duties.  It’s a question of knowing how to behave, what […]

Top Tips to Staying Stress Free in the Workplace

Although this might not be a thought that pops into your head when you’re swamped with work – humans are happiest when they’re kept busy. ​ However today’s average workplace has never been more stressful. We naturally like a challenge to experience purpose and fulfillment, however it’s not so easy on those days with looming deadlines or […]

How to Overcome Challenging Obstacles in Your Job Search

Nothing is more frustrating than researching and applying for jobs but receiving not even the smallest word back on a potential interview date, let alone any form of feedback when you actually do bag an interview and give it your best. You know you’re applying for the right roles or perhaps you feel ready for that […]

13 Ways To Get The Perfect Graduate Job

Welcome class of 2017 – After 3 years of hard work, perseverance, tears and joy; you’ve finally submitted your last assignment and have started to think about the next steps – how to get a graduate job. We won’t lie to you, today’s graduate job hunting climate has been brutal over the last decade, with more people […]

Desk-Hacking: 30 Tools That Will Give Your Career the Edge

Perseverance, hard work, and patience: three things that are the pillars of a successful career. But that hard work and perseverance doesn’t always payoff. It might be that the career you’re in is super competitive. Or maybe your boss just isn’t very forthcoming with promotions.Either way, you need a competitive edge. To help, here at […]

The Ultimate Team Building Idea List

Perhaps a team in your department are slacking. Maybe there are tensions between several colleagues. You may have just realised that the whole workforce are cliquey and only socialise with people within their group/department.Whatever the issue facing your team, we guarantee that there’s a team building exercise to counter it. In fact, there are probably […]

Workplace Bullying: Shocking Stats

For many of us the work can place is a stressful environment. We’re constantly juggling with pressures of tight deadlines, complaining customers, and tricky workplace relationships. To deal with this, employers should look to make the working environment a happy place to be. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Workplace bullying is a serious problem around […]

Making it in your new job: A guide

You have spent weeks, if not months hunting for your new job and after hard work, perseverance, and lots of interviews, you’ve got there. The job you’ve been aiming for. First of all, congratulations! Job hunting can be stressful, especially when you are going for a job you have always dreamt of. The hunt is worthy […]

Guess Which Companies Ask These Bizarre Interview Questions

We have all faced curveball interview questions – ‘what would you take to a desert island?’, ‘what’s your favourite pizza topping?’, ‘who would you bring back from the dead and why?’ – And these sorts of questions do have a purpose. They’re intended to make you think on your feet, get creative, and show initiative. […]

How to Improve Workplace Productivity

Workplace productivity is a fickle thing. There are days when it seems that your office is running like a well oiled machine; everyone at their daily tasks, efficiently working, and completing every job that’s shuffled their way. But then there are the other days. The days where office morale and productivity seems to be ebbing […]

Recruitment for the Techno-Savvy Generation

As more and more individuals turn to technology to control and dictate their life, it’s no surprise to see it becoming an important part of the recruitment industry too. Here we’ve put together an infographic that looks in detail at recruitment for the techno-savvy generation.Share this Image On Your Site<p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’recruitment for techno […]

The First Day: Good Meets Bad

  You’ve done the hard part, you’ve got through the application stage, impressed in your interview, and you’ve been offered the job – it should be plain sailing from that point on, no? Not quite!   The first day at a new job can be one of excitement and one of nerves, and since most […]

Mobile Recruitment: The Hottest Trend in Hiring

We now live in a world where people hardly detach from their mobile phones. The ever-growing array of our smartphones’ capabilities means more and more tasks can be completed in our handheld devices. And the craze is clearly indicated from a recent Deloitte survey which says that half the mobile population check their phones almost […]

15 Creative Job Applications that Really Worked

Many job seekers have figured out just how vital the first impression they make through their CVs is and have started to test new and creative resume designs and concepts in order to showcase their attributes and draw more attention to themselves. ​Whether an employer responds well to atypical resume ideas or not differs in each […]

Passive Candidates: The Insiders Guide (Infographic)

Many people have heard the words “passive candidate” thrown around of recent, but aren’t entirely sure of it’s definition. To quickly sum it up for you, passive candidates are people that are employed who aren’t actively seeking a new job, but are open to hearing about new job opportunities.​ ​​It’s common that people think these types […]

A few small things to remember in a Job Interview

Going for an interview can be very daunting. The most important element of an interview is being honest and being true to yourself. Always ensure that you thoroughly research the company that you interviewing with before the meeting.  Most companies adopt competency based interviewing techniques which focusses on asking questions that require you to explain […]