Road Costruction Equipment – Sales Consultant

Kevin – Sales Consultant

Armstrong Appointments restored my faith in recruitment agencies. About two to three years ago I applied for a position that was advertised. The position was not concluded and I assumed that that was the end of my dealings and that I would be another applicant sent to the archives. I received a call from Armstrong Appointments in August 2015 detailing a position that had become available and that the consultant was of the opinion that I fitted the profile. I applied for the position and I was appointed the 1st October 2015. Armstrong Appointments was spot on with the fact that the position was right where I wanted to be and suited my needs. The Armstrong Team were very professional and willing to assist and their specialist experience in the recruitment field was one of the main reasons that I was successful in securing the position. I am amazed that I was still on record after that long a period and that Armstrong Appointments had matched my profile to this position. The consultant is a “Super Star” and I would recommend Armstrong Appointments to anyone.