Eng /Operations Project Co (Ref: CFMeng)

Position in the Engineering sector in Mobeni - Kwa- Zulu Natal
Posted On Wednesday 22 June 2022
Job Description:

A large well established manufacturing company is looking for a qualified Mechanic Engineer as an  Operations Project Coordinator based in Mobeni.


Main job function

 As the operations project coordinator you are responsible for the development and running of projects throughout the packaging department. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with department managers and factory foreman in the development of these projects. You will have the opportunity to run and manage the project meetings, which takes place every 2 weeks. You will work with external contactors and suppliers that are required for the successful development and implementation of project actions. You will be required to implement project planning (formulate timelines) and provide weekly feedback on the development and progress of running projects.


·        Running of the Project Meetings

·        Managing and driving direction of project development

·        Communicating and reporting on project progress (to all involved parties – directors, managers, foreman, buyers, etc.)

·        Ensuring deadlines are met – planning of projects

·        Formulating and presenting the project findings and proposals to company managers and directors

·        Training of Company Staff (equipment & procedures)

·        Streamlining Operations

·        Optimizing Labor & Machine Performance through the reengineering of processes and production flow

·        Generating Detailed Designs – (machine components & floor plans)

·        Machine Purchasing (reporting on ROI) & Installation (identifying the necessary resources and utilities, coordinating contactors, and determining efficient positioning of the machinery)

·        Perform Time & Motion Studies on Manufacturing Processes

·        Data Analysis (manipulating and analyzing information pulled from the company ERP system – Abaca)

·        Research and Data Collection

·        Compiling of Technical Documents (procedures and system specs.)

·        Customer Site Visits


·        Industrial Engineer or Mechanical Engineer/Mechatronics

·        CAD Models & Technical Drawings experience

Please contact Catherine Fforde