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Land Your Dream Job: Firefighter

When we’re younger, we often have solid ideas about the type of career we would like to have when we’re older. However, as we get older and reality sets in; it can be overwhelming to try and figure out your career path, and actually gain the skills needed to achieve your dream job. In this […]

Land Your Dream Job: Zoologist

Have you always dreamed about a certain job role? Wondering how you can actually secure your dream job? We’re here to help! We have put together a series of infographics giving you all of the important information required for a number of different dream job roles including, a Zoologist, firefighter, footballer and dancer. In this […]

Top 10 Creative Resumes

  Want to land the job of your dreams? A creative CV is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.   Finding a job in the design industry is an extremely competitive and with so many talented people around, even getting noticed is a job in itself.   If you dare to be […]

Game of Thrones: Battle of the CVs

  Forget the battle for the Iron Throne, commence the battle of the CVs. Game of Thrones has come to an end, but we’re not ready to leave our favourite characters behind just yet. Which got us thinking, which character would you most like sitting across from you during your 9-5? Click on the image […]

How to Get a Big Pay Rise

As the New Year approaches we often all think about our current position and where we’d like to progress to next year. For many of us, developing in our current role or finding a new one will be on the agenda. We all know that many of us struggle to achieve the resolutions we set. […]

The First Day: Good Meets Bad

  You’ve done the hard part, you’ve got through the application stage, impressed in your interview, and you’ve been offered the job – it should be plain sailing from that point on, no? Not quite!   The first day at a new job can be one of excitement and one of nerves, and since most […]

A few small things to remember in a Job Interview

Going for an interview can be very daunting. The most important element of an interview is being honest and being true to yourself. Always ensure that you thoroughly research the company that you interviewing with before the meeting.  Most companies adopt competency based interviewing techniques which focusses on asking questions that require you to explain […]